Uncut Cock

This is Ivan and he's the latest Brit to take off his clothes on UK Naked Men. I have a thing for bald men so Ivan is really turning my crank. Ivan's 25 years old; he stands 5'10", and weighs 160 pounds. I love the pictures where his cock is right in your face. It reminds me of being down on my knees and gazing up at a man's cock. And I sure wouldn't mind slobbering all over Ivan's juicy uncut meat. His dick is average, at about 7 inches, but it's a thick, veiny fucker. And that foreskin ... I love it. When Ivan strips naked he jumps in the shower and rinses off. The water trickles down his hairy torso and trails off the end of his dick. As Ivan towels off, we get to see every inch of his body - he even hangs the towel off his stiff prick.

Bald Uncut Guy

Hot Ass

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