Let's start the week off with a nice, big piece of beef. Mondays can be a little bit rough to start off, so let's get this one revved up nicely. This is Brad and he's the latest man to join the sexy line-up at Hot Older Male. And what a hot bugger he is. I think I actually like him better with his clothes on - he's bulging out of his tank top and he just gets me so hot. (The tease is half the fun, right?) His shoulders are massive as they plunge from his neck down to these canon balls sitting on top of bulging biceps. And the fabric of his tank top is stretched tight across his hard pecs. He strips out of his jeans and muscle shirt and poses for a few pictures in his white underwear. I was wrong, I prefer him best in his underwear. That way I can fully appreciate his naked muscular body and there's still a tempting package busting out of his underwear and letting my imagine run wild. I think when Brad had hair on his head, he must have been a red-head. He's got that red-tanned look that's so familar to us red-heads. We never tan brown like everyone else, we just stay red, although it doesn't hurt. Finally, Brad slides those white briefs down his thick thighs and reveals a nice chunk of meat. I love his cock. It's comfortably average and it's plump, just the kind of cock that I love sucking. And as Brad carries on with his photo session, he jacks off and spits a nice load of cum in the palm of his hand.

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