Yes, Landon Hayes is a BAD PUPPY for us today. With his long, lean frame and beautiful cock and balls, we'll take a little trip into the "doghouse" with him. At 6' 2" and not an ounce of fat, Landon has such an inviting profile. To sidle up beside him and grasp his firm ass cheeks, sliding your tongue into his mouth would be a dream cum true in my opinion. Then to feel his hard stick slide down into your throat would really be the icing on the cake. Cum on in and you'll see what I mean.


Landon leers down at us as he soaks in all the attention he knows is being bestowed on him. He says he lives for entertaining in front of the camera. Confident, yet not cocky, he is aware he emits a massive amount of sexuality and that we, his dedicated audience, drink it all up.


All red and swollen, Landon displays his lovely ram rod for us. Gripping it tightly, he revels in it's prominance and symbolism. The phallus. The ultimate object of masculinity and virility. A young man such as this with his health and curious mind can only be a hell of an experience. Thus, we are here to witness it.


Gee, I wonder how close Landon is to cumming all over the place. I do think it would be something to be there to take his load. BAD PUPPY have been around for a long long time, delivering 100's of young lads just like Landon into our homes. If you're hungry for many examples of guys like this, it would be in your best interest to visit them. Head to the "doghouse" and check out all the bad puppies. Woof!!

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