I think this is one of the silliest hair styles to arrive on men in the past decade. Of course, I should throw stones when I hail from the Duran Duran generation of moussed up and hairy sprayed hair, when guys and girls competed for the biggest hair. But alas, it just goes to show you that yesterday's cool is tomorrow's "what were they thinking?" This is Marc, a tall, lean rocker-type who hails from small town Iowa. He works three jobs, which doesn't leave a lot of free time, but when he has some he likes to listen to heavy metal bands and have kinky sex. Marc's lean and smooth - very lean, there's not an ounce of body fat on him - with a well-defined set of six pack abs. He's got long, slender legs with some very nice thighs. He's 25 years old and he's sporting a 7-inch cock. His bio says his cock is 5.25 inches around, but I think someone mis-measured because it sure looks a lot thicker than that. Nevertheless, when this boy cums, he shoots a thick, flying cum shot through the air that's quite amazing to see. He's one of the many guys over at Stroke that Dick that are putting on some hot jack off shows.

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