Bad Grove Boy

Bad Grove Boy is about a boy who is 'both boy and boyfriend.' He's a 27 year old partner to a 33 year old guy who is his lover, BF and master all rolled into one. So what we have here then are the adventures of a boy who is a slave, and one who is in love with his 'Sir'. We've also got archives of posts going back a long way, links and adverts for S&M sites and stores, and a little bit of a spanking fetish going on. A great image of a cane and bare ass greeted me when I checked the blog out, and there is an About page which will fill you in on who is behind this and who is writing, and from where as our Boy lives in Amsterdam. (His English is perfect.)

What really stands out about this blog is its honesty, and that's honesty in the writing as well as in the images. You get a look into someone else's life, and that life is all about being sub and being dominated, wearing chastity devices, being led around on a chain, playing servant and actually living that life full-time. It's fascinating from one point of view and rather horny from another; depending what you're into, but if you're interested to know more about the life of a working 'Boy', then this is the place to check out.

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