The internet is full of gay porn, and some of it is hot stuff that is almost good enough to make a stone horny. Of course so much gay porn must include some sites that are, shall we say, less than wonderful. In fact there are some sites out there that are more likely to make us laugh out loud or drop our jaws with stunned disbelief than to feel a stirring in our loins. It's hard to believe that website owners can go so wrong with text or sheer lack of understanding of what turns gay men on, but let's take a look at some sites that just don't get it.

Gag a Gay stands out because not only do the owners of this site have zero idea of what turns gay men on, they misunderstand a niche that is not only showing up more in gay sites, but is very popular in straight sites. Gagging is basically forceful deep throat that causes guys to gag on a cock. Gagging means maybe choking, a little gasping for breath. But the folks at Gag a Gay go a step further, completely removing themselves from the niche. Not only do their models choke while sucking on cocks - they vomit.

No, I'm not kidding - somehow the folks at Gag a Gay feel that the words "We GAG them till they PUKE!!!" will turn on the average surfer and convince him to pull out his dick - and his credit card. Give these folks credit for extra effort - their exlcusive content is a turnoff for all but the most hardcore.

Teachers and students together is a classic fantasy for many of us. That's why it's surprising to see how far wrong a site can go when starting out with this concept. Gays Tales is a site about an ostensible college teacher who fucks or watches students in action. How do we know he's a teacher? Simple - he's wearing a cap and gown in several photos. And how are we supposed to know this site is for real? Because of the words "100% Reality gay Action" on the right side of the tour.

Gays Tales seems to be missing the entire theme of their site. The point of a teacher/student site would be to show us teacher/student sex - wouldn't you think? In one video, our "teacher" catches a thief in his apartment, in another he fucks a boy he meets on the internet. And in my favorite episode, the boys in the video are fucked by a girl with a strap-on. It appears that the Gay Tales folks think that guys getting dildoed by a girl equals gay sex!

Another favorite sexual fantasy gone wrong is a doctor/patient fantasy in Hospital Secrets - the site that tells us "EVERY CUTE TWINK WHO ENTERS THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE LEAVES THERE ALREADY BEING A GAY!" Being a gay what, I'd like to know. It tells us the doctors seduce their dummy patients and in one episode it's made clear that the doctor fucks his patient till blood is running out of the boy's ass. Somehow this fails to turn me on. Looks like this site has taken one of my favorite masturbation daydreams and turned it into a cross between a comedy and a slasher film.

Hospital Secrets is proud to show us their "Last Tree Patiens" and to tell us about one video where "surely doctor quickly had his cock all hard-on". It appears that this is broken english - and I must say the english here certainly is broken, if not slaughtered outright!

Visiting these sites may not make you horny, but at least you'll enjoy a good laugh :)

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