Lately there's an ever-growing trend. Straight companies have heard that gay sites sell and that gay surfers have money. These companies set out to get their piece of the gay pie and end up with sites that either use text or content that is good for nothing more than a hearty laugh. Some of my notable favorites among these clueless gay websites will hopefully make you either smile or shake your head in disbelief.

Twinks From the Hood is actually a pretty attractive site featuring black guys supposedly from the ghetto. The site tour is dark and packed with good looking ebony men. Only one thing is missing - there are no twinks on this tour! You'll see muscular and older black guys on this tour but what you won't see is slender 18 - 21 year old ebony twinks. So I give this site the "Clueless Gay Site" award for advertising a kind of model they don't even have.

There are a lot of straight men out there who feel that twinks are not just slender and possibly androgynous 18 - 22 year olds with boyish faces. They feel that twinks are more like junior drag queens. The monument to this belief is a site called Super Twink. Super Twink is a bleach blond in a superhero costume (with a cape) wearing a face full of bad makeup who apparently saves gay men with his Super Cock. He's actually a little on the beefy side to be a twink and he's almost as scary as he is funny. While they are always good for a laugh, the adventures of Super Twink are probably not anyone's sexual fantasy come true.

Now we come to a couple sites with such ludicrous text that they actually made us all laugh out loud. Here's one from Latent Gay that had us all rolling: "You always wondered where do all the gays come from? Well, these gays used to be heterosexuals, but got enough from those pesky women."

Or how about Drunken Gays. This is the site that informs us that "When sissies get drunk they transform into the ultra-sexual maniacs!" Did you ever wonder what guys with too much booze in them become? Drunken Gays has your answer - they become "Inebriated walking dildos ready to penetrate and rabbit-fuck any ass within their field of vision!" Walking dildos? What is this - a bad science fiction movie?

But the site that simply stunned us was Gay Like Girl which apparently is not clear on the differences between transvestites and transexuals - among other things. Gay Like Girl tells us that "Boy's ass is the best quim" and lets us know that "With our girls kama sutra is pretty urgent". Well, which are they - boys or girls? And does anyone here know what they're talking about? Gay Like Girl finishes by admonishes us on the join page "Don't be a chief - enjoy our fantasies!" To this, we can only reply "Huh?"

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