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This week a couple of alumni return to Circle Jerk Boys to give their fans another peek. Stefano Ricci appeared on Circle Jerk Boys over a year ago and was quite a hit. (You can read his Horny Guys Fucking blog here at Gay Demon.) Sadly he moved to the West Coast and that ended his work in Miami porn. But when he flew back for a little home vacation, Stefano called up Circle Jerk Boys and asked for another suck and fuck session. Rocky Charles is also no stranger to Circle Jerk Boys. This bisexual guy has fulfilled a lot of his gay fantasies with the guys he's played with on both Circle Jerk Boys and Extra Big Dicks. You can see him in action here in several blogs: Bisexual Guy Gets Plowed, Fucking Virgin Ass, Bisexual Cock, and Cumming Together. Sadly Rocky cut off his long locks, but unlike Samson whose virility was shaved off, Rocky is hotter and hornier than ever. Rocky and Stefano get into it hot and heavy with Rocky slobbering all over Stefano's beautify dick, and then, this near anal virgin gets his bisexual ass fucked one more time! Rocky seems to be enjoying getting dicked, and I'm betting his girlfriend is going to be heading off to the toy store to pick up a strap-on - if she hasn't already! In the meantime, you'll wait to check out Rocky begging for it in this hot video.

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