Babble On Podcast

Babble On is bold, irreverent and slick as crap. It carries a personal guarantee and a wager: I wager you will leave this site with a smile on your face. Good Lord, if life were honestly merit-based, these guys would qualify as my personal Ministers of Mental Health. Nor do I think I'd be alone. Two very media-savvy individuals get things rocking very gay-ly with send ups on their newly-discovered budget concerns: "Someone is drinking too much of our budget!" Aunt Phyliss Dean and "her" radio mate Scooter Booter supply an endless amount of zaniness and raw, all-out funny shit. Topics on Podcast #49, for example, dealt with the utterly serious subject of "Tampon Strings For Trannies" as well as a countdown of the visitors and attendees of Elizabeth Taylor's funeral. "Lesbian Bar Fights" and the always popular "Parking Impacted Taco's" were addressed in Podcast #52. Of course, Liz Taylor's Jewelry was played with in an earlier edition - perhaps Podcast # 50. Honestly, these guys are pros, good at what they do and their sincerity as happy gay men cannot be questioned. The creativity is off the charts. Please give them a listen, where they also provide you the opportunity to make your own Podcasts, as well! Uh oh - here goes the neighborhood! Sorry Aunt Phylis!!!

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