When a Third Doesn't Show these Two Men Ad Lib and Fuck Anyway When a Third Doesn't Show these Two Men Ad Lib and Fuck Anyway

I'm glad to see that Geoffrey Paine is still getting plenty of porn work. A few years back his porn career was peaking when the love bug bit and he moved to France to be with his lover Joe Gunn, who is also in the porn. Paine and Gunn have filmed quite a few scenes together, including some threeways over at Tim Tales, which is where I have most watched Tony Axel.

Axel's a skilled bottom and I've seen him take some pretty big cocks up his ass without a whole lot of complaining. When this new Alpha Males scene opens, Axel is talking dirty to the camera and telling us how much he loves getting boned. And he tells the cameraman that he's been wanting to fuck this couple for a long time. So I was looking forward to watching Joe and Geoffrey fucking Tony together. But when Tony answers the knock at the door, Paine is alone.

I'm not really disappointed because I have a bone for Geoffrey Paine and I loved watching Tony servicing the American's big cock. (Joe Gunn is a sexy hung fucker, too, but if I had to make a choice, it'd be Paine in my bed.) Axel makes Paine squirm and groan sucking and deep throating his thick meat. But eventually it's Paine's turn to show Tony what a good top he is. He stuffs this bottom's ass and gives him a good, long fuck ... doggy style, missionary, plunge fucking, you name it, these guys do it.

Afterwards and with Tony's belly covered in spunk, they cuddle and talk about the third guy not showing. There was no "to be continued" at the end of this one, but Alpha Males has been releasing multi-part scenes lately, so I'm wondering if Joe Gunn is going to be joining them for round two. I'll keep you posted.

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