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Troy Montgomery has waved his big, 8-inch cock on Extra Big Dicks before; in fact, he got his ass fucked by a "straight" guy with a rather humongous cock. (I say "straight" because every time Cooker shows up on Extra Big Dick he's willing to try more and more. I'm betting it won't be long before Cooker spreads his butt cheeks wide.) And now this week, 22-year-old Troy is parking his cock-hungry ass on to Circle Jerk Boys. Troy tells us about just recently being on the receiving end of a double penetration fuck session. It turned out alright, but he's in no hurry to try it again. And in fact, his ass need a bit of recovery, so Troy and Justin Wells will be swapping blowjobs in this video. Justin's cock is a little bigger than Troy's, sitting at about 8.5 inches, so between the two of them, there's a lot of cock. They get right down to business swapping blowjobs. And while the cock sucker is hot, I was amazed with Troy's cumshot. His powerful balls send a couple of streams of jizz all the way up onto his neck! It's awesome!

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