Awesome Images Photography

Awesome Images Photography sets perfect males with great physiques in perfect scenery with stunning vistas. It's all about this kind of photo and you've got lots to see here. I have to say, the wallpaper was a bit of a pain I always find that large images behind the text are a distraction, especially when they are constantly changing. But this does also mean that when you're on the home page you can just sit and watch the images change. And you'll see lots of horny guys naked, showing their physiques and butts, their bodies and beauty (softcore), set against rocks and waterfalls, rugged outdoors and mountains. You can opt to view via the landscapes or the men, or both together, and there's a little menu to guide you around. Click to see models and you get a list of names, so it's kind of lucky dip time, but the guys are all chiseled and hunky, and there are nude shots (though not pornographic ones). The watermarks tend to be slapped right through the images which is a bit of a pain, but understandable. And you can also see the pics arranged by USA location. Finally, you've also got three couples in photo sets to view, but mainly you are looking at rugged men in rugged landscapes here. It's a nice coffee-break distraction.

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