Awe-Inspiring Bottom Awe-Inspiring Bottom

There's nothing worse than a big, beautiful dick going to waste. We've all see those just-the-tip cocksuckers who can never seem to choke down more than a couple of inches. They make me scream at the screen: "Come on, swallow the fucking thing!" Tim Skyler doesn't have that problem. Seeing this hungry lad unhinge his jaw in Raw and Rough's "Take Daddy's Monster Cock" is awe inspiring.

Lito Cruz has nine thick inches and he doesn't care if a bottom can take it or not. He IS going to take it. I've seen this Latin hunk ram his humongous tool inside a hole and he keeps pushing until it's all in. No matter how badly a guy's hole is fighting back, Cruz just keeps pumping hard and deep. Tim Skyler doesn't weigh more than 100 pounds, so when I first saw him I thought, "You've got to be kidding. That dick is not going inside that twink."

But Tim opened his mouth wide and started swallowing, and when I saw his lips literally an inch away from Lito's pubic hair, I knew that taking it up his ass was going to be a walk in the park. Lying on his back, Tim gets his hole opened up, then Cruz picks Tim up in his arms and bounces the boy on his massive pole. Tim begs for more, wanting it harder and deeper. He gets what he wants, he also gets his hole spunked, then daddy offers his boy his cummy cock and Skyler licks it clean.

"Take Daddy's Monster Cock" is one of the hottest videos I watched in all of February, and that's really saying something because I'm generally not fond of twinks.

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