There are a lot of frustrated porn surfers out there. A question I hear a lot is why so many sites have great tours but mediocre member areas. It's true - there are a lot of porn sites out there that go all out to get us to join but don't seem very interested in putting much effort into keeping people happy once they've actually paid to join the site.

Luckily there are other sites that DO deliver exactly what you see on the tour. Some even show the exact design and all the models or movies. The problem is - how do you know which tours are showing you what they really offer and which sites are just trying to get your money?

1. Look for a model index.

Sites like Corbin Fisher or Frat Men allow you to see all the models who are listed in the site. While there are a lot of sites out there that may mislead you, there aren't many that will flat-out lie so checking all the models is a lot of help.

2. Look at the number of episodes previewed on each tour.


Checking how many episodes are previewed on a tour works for most sites, too. Take a site like Brazil Bus. They have an attractive flashy tour and show previews of 10 videos from inside the member area. They DO have those 10 episodes, but that's all - they don't have more than that. So don't assume that every tour has more than they show you - make sure what you see on the tour is enough to make you happy.

Blacks on Boys shows over 60 episodes on their tour along with descriptions, the same amount of video episodes they have in their member area. I look for the number of episodes on tours of this type to make sure I'm not joining a site with only 5 videos.

3. Check for dates if the site lists episodes.

Want to know if a site updates or how often it updates? While not all sites have dates on their updates, the ones that do are giving us porn surfers information to help us decide on whether we want to join.

4. Read the text on the join page.

Okay, you're horny and you really want to see that incredibly cute college boy on the tour. But take a minute to read the text on the join page before you hit the submit button. Some join pages list how often they update, how long the updates are and other stuff that's handy to know!

5. Check reviews of a site before you join it.

While there are some review sites out there that don't seem to actually have a clue what's in the member areas of the sites they list, most review sites are pretty good and can tell you what's REALLY in the member area of a lot of sites. While we think our reviews at are honest and helpful - not to mention very hot stuff! - I suggest if you've joined sites before you find a couple review sites that sort of agree with your opinion of those sites. That way you know the sites are honest and share your site preferences.

Please post your tips for finding the best paysites in the comments and we'll do another article and include them.

Happy porn surfing and keep it hard!

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