Noah writes gay porn site reviews for GayDemon, with the goal of being the Pauline Kael of porn (except for the part where she's dead). He got his start writing dirty stories for classic print mags in the '90s. He also wrote a modestly popular solo blog for five years, zines, and a column in an alt-weekly. He calls Seattle home and plans to be a holographic interstellar porn model in 2039.

  • Kink Spotlight: Men In Glasses

    Kink Spotlight: Men In Glasses

    I am not under the illusion that these men are smart just because they're wearing glasses. And I would bet they don't all even have library cards. And that if they do own a Kindle, it's full of porn. 

    But none of that changes the fact that guys with glasses just look damn hot to me. And perhaps also to you. Especially when a guy's wearing either underwear, or nothing, along with his frames.

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  • Flashback: Nudity Needs No Excuse

    Flashback: Nudity Needs No Excuse

    Oh look, we're in the locker room celebrating and just happen to be nude. Golly gee! Hey, I need a Swedish, oil-soaked massage so I'm going to be nude and push out my leg and flex my ass just so. 

    Lots of excuses to provide some setting for amazing nudity. Skip ahead to the guys in color just being naked as hell because they are naked as hell doing naked as hell things. 

    Nudity doesn't need an excuse or reason, but I still have a soft spot when it's provided. Which totally makes me wish I could go back in time and come up with plenty of excuses for these vintage photoshoots. Or just for a guy I meet.

    Watch Vintage Gay Porn at Retro Males

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  • Public Exposure: What Are Clothes?

    Public Exposure: What Are Clothes?

    What's this "clothes" thing people keep talking about? Because whatever they are, these guys never quite heard of them. Or just think of them as something quite temporary and inconsequential.

    I hope I end up meeting one of these guys in a normally fully-clothed situation and he just happens to be in a zero clothes moment.

    Like I go shopping for a couch and the sales guy just happens to be naked. Which is totally a plus to build trust since he can speak from the heart (and ass) about being naked on a particular couch. I'm guessing leather may be too squeaky when your sweaty ass is riding it. 

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  • Kink Spotlight: Jockstraps

    Kink Spotlight: Jockstraps

    Like a picture frame for a guy's ass and a push-up bra for a guy's cock and sack, jockstraps can do it all. And for those of us with a kink for the fuckers, they can make our day.

    There's plenty else they can do too, like soak up a six pack's worth of piss. Dependent on someone sucking up some of the liquid and overall not caring if the pee drips down the guy's ass and legs. 

    Jockstraps can also retain a visceral memory of a guy's intense gym workout. Or of the hours he's spent rubbing himself through, and sometimes within, that jockstrap fabric. 

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  • Flashback: Cum Stains

    Flashback: Cum Stains

    All this vintage furniture, clothes and bedding does totally make me smile. But what makes it even better is imagining what it was like after these guys were done with it. You could take a single tube sock and stand it on its hard crusty end and it wouldn't fall over or crumple.

    That is, if you're doing the gang bang thing correctly.

    And as for that sleazy underwear you could only get in some mail order catalog or matching sleazy store, it's so sleazy its washing instructions said "Lick clean only."

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  • Public Exposure: Good Time Guys

    Public Exposure: Good Time Guys

    If you're the roommate of a guy who's going out to expose himself in public, what do you say? "Have a dick-wagging, dick-sucking good time, buddy!" 

    Or maybe just a simple "Call me if you need to get bailed out, buddy!"

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  • Cam Boi: Griff Teller at Flirt4Free

    Cam Boi: Griff Teller at Flirt4Free

    I've been listening to the queer punk band PWR BTTM (they spell it like that because if they included vowels google would only point to porn), so it seems fitting to get into cammer Griff Teller doing the power bottom thing.

    He's pretty much obsessed with his ass. And so are you. Because obviously.

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  • Flashback: Simpler Times

    Flashback: Simpler Times

    Remember when you could take a gang shower in a jockstrap while a guy takes your picture and prints it in underground physique magazines and you get $10 and you buy a new car with your $10?

    I may have gotten the price of a car wrong there. But you could at least have afforded a three piece suit. By which I mean boxer shorts, dress socks and a bow tie. Which is pretty much all you'd need for a fancy night out.

    It was simpler only because I like to imagine it like that. But actually jamming that mean looking toy in your ass probably would be complicated. Definitely would involve a lot of preparation, determination and perspiration.

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  • Public Exposure: Flashers

    Public Exposure: Flashers

    Flashing isn't just the guy opening up his trench coat to reveal the only thing he's wearing underneath is another trench coat, then opening that trench coat to reveal a huge, dangling penis.

    Because otherwise everyone would be buying stock in trench coat companies. And, if you want to complete the pervert outfit, scuffed up black dress shoes with laces that are too long.

    Nope, flashers also create opportunities for eager watchers, not just a wake of offended people decrying their scandalous nudity.

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  • Cam Bois: Rubbing One Out at Flirt4Free

    Cam Bois: Rubbing One Out at Flirt4Free

    I'm here to confront a serious issue facing us all. Instead of doing tasks like the dishes, folding laundry or folding someone else's laundry, while watching Flirt4Free, you should instead be masturbating while watching Flirt4Free.

    I'm just being honest. Not pulling any punches. Just wanting you to pull your dick.

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