Noah writes gay porn site reviews for GayDemon, with the goal of being the Pauline Kael of porn (except for the part where she's dead). He got his start writing dirty stories for classic print mags in the '90s. He also wrote a modestly popular solo blog for five years, zines, and a column in an alt-weekly. He calls Seattle home and plans to be a holographic interstellar porn model in 2039.

  • Flashback: It's All About the Sucking Mask

    Flashback:  It's All About the Sucking Mask

    We can pretend to care deeply about the other vintage shots here (and they are worthy of adoration for their stark homosexuality). But really it's all about the SUCKING MASK. So since the photo isn't big enough to reveal all the lovely text about it, here you go, with my commentary in brackets:

    "The latest sex-item [who knew this was hyphenated?], and one which combines fantasy with feeling [so do the Muppets], is the SUCKING MASK. It is a full life-sized replica of a man's face [before Silence of the Lambs], moulded [the past participle of "mold"] from soft, fleshy skin-colored [whose skin color?!] rubber."

    But wait, there's more.

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  • Public Exposure: Pretty Damn Naked

    Public Exposure: Pretty Damn Naked

    These guys are pretty damn naked. They are also damn pretty naked. And I will not be saying out of disappointment: "Pretty naked. Damn."

    Except for clothing optional festivals, seems the more people are around when someone is more naked the more likely the person is acting totally casual about it. Technically in a lot of places nudity is totally legal. You just sort of have to stop it if someone complains.

    Which would most likely never be me, though I can think of some exceptions. Like I don't want to see Kermit the Frog naked. Not because I don't but because Miss Piggy would be jealous and kick my ass.

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  • Kink Spotlight: Flip-Flop Fun

    Kink Spotlight: Flip-Flop Fun

    This is a very convenient, accessible kink for you. Because a guy exposing his feet in flip-flops is not considered indecent exposure. But to you it can be. Quite awesomely indecent.

    Now if you already have a foot fetish, this one's a given. But even if you don't, you can potentially dig this for the additional exposure of foot, ankle, shin, and calf. 

    Like wearing thong underwear and that's it. Flip-flops are sometimes called thongs for a reason.

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  • Flashback: Days of Jerk Off Past

    Flashback: Days of Jerk Off Past

    If you could remember when and where you had jerked off to each porn picture you've ever seen, then when you saw that picture again you could reminisce. With your hand.

    These pictures are old enough that you likely haven't seen them before, but if you had, they could bring out memories like any old photo, or sound or smell. Perhaps embedded in the pixels are the self-pleasuring moans of all the guys who've seen these before. Or perhaps they are just pixels.

    Long hard pixels. Spanked ass pixels. Tongue kiss pixels.

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  • Public Exposure: Bulging Bulges

    Public Exposure: Bulging Bulges

    I can neither confirm nor deny these bulging bulges are from Bulgaria. But they are from my dream country of Bulgekistan. Which is not led by a fascist at all though occasionally nudity is highly encouraged via a well-lubed propaganda sex machine.

    I can also say you're totally wrong about something. If you think that all these bulge exposures aren't fully intentional. Sure most are casual moments, but that's totally the point. Casual exposure is still exposure and as a bonus doesn't tend to arouse suspicion, just arouse arousal.

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  • Kink Spotlight: Curved Cock

    Kink Spotlight: Curved Cock

    This is one of those if you're into it, you're happy the guy you're with happens to have a curved cock. But you're not going to set a curved-cocks-only rule.

    Unless you're super really totally into it as your thing. In that case, pull up a banana cock and join me. Or is is sweet potato cock since those can curve too? Definitely not paper towel roll dick. Those are by definition straight. Which I also appreciate but it's all about the cock curve geometry right now.

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  • Ask GayDemon: Mask For Masc

    Ask GayDemon: Mask For Masc

    I'm a little on the fem side. It's not a word I normally use, but for brevity and clarity, there it is. I see a lot of ads online that say "no fats, no fems." I'm pretty comfortable with who I am and I have a solid, gym-fit body, I have hang-ups like anyone else. But it's discouraging to think I have to "butch" it up just to get laid. Is this all there is for me?

    -Fem Fella

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  • Flashback: Pose and Cum

    Flashback: Pose and Cum

    Even when the guy in the picture isn't mid-ejaculation, nothing's stopping you. And consider you're following a well-worn and well-wetted path when you jack off to vintage pics.

    Guys from dozens of years ago did the same thing. Meaning these models deserve a gold watch for years of service to the company (of jackers). Knowing them, they'd proudly model the gold watch. And nothing else.

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  • Public Exposure: Naked Men Everywhere

    Public Exposure: Naked Men Everywhere

    Naked men everywhere is either terrifying or awesome, depending on the men. Like if you're at a restaurant, probably you don't want to see naked men everywhere. But if you're in the restaurant parking lot, then totally bring on the men.

    So many awesome things happen in parking lots, like blowjobs and stolen kisses. And maybe stolen hubcaps.

    I don't know who the hell or why the hell that swarm of guys is on that fence. I guess a belated invasion minus the Trojan horse. Or they are drunk and crazy.

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  • Kink Spotlight: Tattooed Muscle

    Kink Spotlight: Tattooed Muscle

    Makes you want to touch their muscles, you know, to feel that tattoo design. Though it's under the surface, you're touching that meaning, that moment they get tattooed. 

    That moment they wanted to decorate their body, make a statement with it. And then accent that statement by showing skin.

    I don't find tattoos inherently masculine or feminine. And of course women can have tattooed muscle too. I just do have a certain image of a tattooed guy where it does add some "I don't give a fuck" bravado to the mix.

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