Noah writes gay porn site reviews for GayDemon, with the goal of being the Pauline Kael of porn (except for the part where she's dead). He got his start writing dirty stories for classic print mags in the '90s. He also wrote a modestly popular solo blog for five years, zines, and a column in an alt-weekly. He calls Seattle home and plans to be a holographic interstellar porn model in 2039.

  • Public Exposure: Cock vs. Ass vs. Bulge vs. Thighs

    Public Exposure: Cock vs. Ass vs. Bulge vs. Thighs

    One of the secrets of being a voyeur is that you don't have to get a secret thrill just from actual exposed stuff that would normally be covered up according to prudish laws. Meaning, yeah public cock is for sure thrilling to see. Except when it's that of Mike Pence (who I've heard has a Ken Doll-like appearance underneath it all, allegedly). 

    But potentially more so are obscenely muscular and spread thighs. Or a big bulge in a singlet. I still feel like I'm seeing something obscene.

    Obscene in a good way. Not obscene as in fuck over poor people. That's bad obscene. But committing a beautiful obscenity (as John Waters coins it) is to be applauded.

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  • Flashback: Pick Up Lines

    Flashback: Pick Up Lines

    Imagine the pick up lines you'd try on each of these guys. Now don't assume because they're naked sluts (a term of endearment) that they're easy. It would still take a smooth talker to get each one in a compromising position when he's off the clock.

    For the guy on his back on the mattress, perhaps a simple: "Hey, if I buy you sheets, will you go out to the movies with me then go back to your place to destroy your new sheets with sex?"

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  • Public Exposure: Nudity Graduation

    Public Exposure: Nudity Graduation

    I think this guy has earned his degree in Public Nudity. And like some of the other guys pictured, he can parlay it into hanging out naked while pumping gas or outside a gay bar. Because it's important to put one's education into action.

    Unlike a useless degree like Computer Engineering or Linguistics, Public Nudity is something made for this world, with endless applications, such as:

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  • Cam Bois: Flirt4Free Guys Jack Off In Your Face

    Cam Bois: Flirt4Free Guys Jack Off In Your Face

    Big dicks wagging right in your face. At least when they're not hidden by a towel or jockstrap or fist. Though a dick hidden by a fist is pretty much the guy jacking off so that qualifies as jacking off in your face. 

    You do want a guy stroking his cock in front of you, right? I mean if you had to pick between that and a David Hasselhoff Super Bowl Halftime Show known as the David Hasselhalftime Show, you'd pick the dick right?

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  • Flashback: Giving You Ideas

    Flashback: Giving You Ideas

    Now you know what kind of carpet to get if you're hosting a fiveway. And what carpet you'll throw away immediately after because you'll never get the stains out.

    So if you're being frugal about it, have your fiveway at a carpet store. Those folks have seen it all. Or at least some of it all.

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  • Public Exposure: Hot and Cold

    Public Exposure: Hot and Cold

    There's that game where someone hides something and gives you clues of hot as you get closer to it and cold as you get further away. I wish I could play that but with finding naked guys.

    These guys would be giving me a huge head start though, because they aren't exactly hiding. So the game would probably just be called hot and we've already won.

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  • Cam Bois: Laying Back and Stroking

    Cam Bois: Laying Back and Stroking

    If you're going to show off for the jerking masses, a guy may as well be comfortable. Ergonomics are very important when a guy strokes for long periods of time. 

    Especially since workman's comp claims are likely not allowed for masturbation-related injuries. Though potentially it is a factor in many a carpal tunnel case. I say this not as a medical doctor, but as a masturbation doctor. Ironically, both degrees are available at Harvard.

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  • Flashback: Cock Workout

    Flashback: Cock Workout

    When is somebody going to put out the Vintage Gay Sex Hunk Penis Ass Workout? Emphasis on the "put out" part.

    Because bending over a trash can and getting spanked and fingered does wonders for one's glutes. As well as the forearms and grip strength of the spanker. 

    Then there's the hours of mustache combing involved in the vintage daddy stache situation. That's an excellent shoulder workout. And helps improve fine motor control. 

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  • Public Exposure: Everyone Loves an Audience

    Public Exposure: Everyone Loves an Audience

    Nudity goes so much better with a willing audience. The exception being a naked mugger probably doesn't want to be seen by anyone besides their mark. Though committing a crime when naked does lead to the possibility of being identified in a lineup of naked guys.

    By the dick. It was him! The one with the massive cock head and the dripping cock slit. 

    But in general, when a guy is naked, he's generally, hopefully harmless. Though he may break your heart.

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  • Cam Bois: Automated Fuck at Flirt4Free

    Cam Bois: Automated Fuck at Flirt4Free

    Pardon my language. I know we do our best to avoid the word fuck here. Because the word fuck is very inappropriate. And if it weren't for the word fuck, this site would be totally SFW, so I better not say fuck again. 

    Fuck, I said it again.

    And this guy got pounded again. And again. By a pile driving humping robot. That device is full of personality plus. Correction. His asshole is full of that device.

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