Australian Jock

I haven't been Down Under in my blogging travels, in fact, I haven't visited All Australian Boys for quite some time. This beautiful, Australian jock is Gary and he's sporting a meaty, thick hard cock. And Gary takes really good care of his body. He's solid and well-defined with fine, young hair just starting to sprout across his torso. This straight guy treats us to a number of different things in his photo shoot and videos. As he watches some porn and gets his cock hard, he gets more and more excited. He grabs his Fleshlight and slides his hard cock deep inside. He pumps his cock inside this jackoff device, and his cock feels good. And then, when he's good and horny, he walks over the the studio's gloryhole and shoves his cock through the hole. On the other side is a hungry cock sucker who has been waiting to wrap his mouth around Gary's meaty cock. Ah ... a straight guy's first gay blowjob, it's something they never forget, and something that causes a lot of straight men to cruise for more long after they're married.

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