When you look at buff hottie Austin Wilde you would think that his life is pretty much perfect and that you him already know ALL there is to know about him BUT, as always, looks can be deceiving! Recently he wrote on his blog 10 important facts about himself and of course there were things like the fact that he is a "Gold Star Gay" - he has never licked, touched or fucked a va-jay-jay! I love him even more for that fact alone!

Of course there were ones that were no surprise to me, like the fact that he is fucking amazing and I think we can pretty much all agree that he is. One fact that did surprise me is the fact that this hunk LOVES to bottom. I knew he had been fucked before for other studios, but he had not done it yet for his own website. Well, now the wait is over and we can finally see a flip fucking scene with deliciously sexy Anthony Romero. It's beyond hot! These two get it on poolside and let's face it - that just never, ever gets old! We gays love us some pool-side porn!


For the rest of Austin's top 10 facts about his hot amazing self, you can go here and to check out his flip-fucking scene make sure you check out for all the wet & wild fun!

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