Over 2 weeks ago Austin Wilde let everyone on Twitter know that he had been threatened by a "certain" studio, and later the news blew up that he had been released (nice way of saying YOU'RE FIRED) from his exclusive contract with Next Door Studios.

So, now that some time has passed it's time to take a look at exactly what happened and what this means for the hunky stud. Austin Wilde has never been shy about anything, and I'm pretty sure that he will most deffo call anyone out on bullshit, and if he doesn't feel something is right for him he will not do it. This is where he ran into trouble with Next Door Studios. Austin pretty much told the studios that he would not be performing in an orgy where most, if not all, the actors were "gay-4-pay." Austin had signed an exclusive 3 year contract with the studio, which now has been terminated, there is still no news on whether his site (run by Next Door Studios) will go off-line any time soon.

So, now that Austin is a free agent in the porn world what is this hunky stud left to do? Well, there is plenty to keep him busy! To begin with Austin and his current boyfriend, Anthony Romero, have both signed contracts with Cockyboys for six months. Then there is the new porn studio he plans to launch later in the year,, so as you can see Austin will not only be busy but he will probably even be more popular now, thanks to the exposure that this "mini-scandal" has brought.

It's safe to say that whatever Austin Wilde does it will no doubt be horny, sexy and of course ultra slutty, just how we gays like it!

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