Austin Andrews and Zane Michaels blowjob

Well I guess I introduce these two as Austin Andrews and Zane Michaels and they are part of a new site called You might know them ,however, as Max and Tucker from Straight College Men. Now they've turned over a new leaf and are finally deflowering themselves by going all the way - finally they're fucking :) Welcome to the Lounge.

Anthony: Ok, so why the move from Straight College Men? Did you look at the success of and say "Hey.. Two is better than one if we decide to start going all the way"? I'm like super fucking happy you guys did by the way :)

Austin & Zane: We had always heard of Dean's site from our old boss complaining about it but the way he talked about it, it seemed like there was no possible way that a spin-off site like that could be successful. It wasn't until the old site actually moved to Kentucky that we finally decided, with a ton of support from our fans, that we could in fact start our own site.

Anthony: I think the thing that turns me on about you guys the most is just how comfortable you are with each other, and how you can fuck each other and not let that get in the way of business, friendships, and your relationships. How do you guys stay so fucking chill about everything? Please explain haha

Austin & Zane: Well, I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that we became friends while working at a porn company so the sex was already a part of the equation and as we grew closer as friends, we were also having more and more sex with each other on camera so the normal awkwardness of it all was kind of eliminated from the get-go. As far as the business goes, we're both pretty competitive and we knew we had a lot to prove if we wanted to make a name for ourselves in this industry so we're always trying to raise the bar... nut up or shut up! lol

Anthony: So explain to us the features of this new Basically what can viewers expect from your site? Will you guys be a part of most scenes? Can you guys just fuck now in front of me? How did that question get in there :)

Austin & Zane: Well, it was very obvious from our fans that the one thing they wanted the most was interaction. So we've been working for the past 2 months on getting our custom LIVEchat setup perfected so we can host live chats and live shows several times a week. Another thing they said was they felt like the old site we were on had horrible customer service and didn't listen to what the members wanted. We have made all of our videos comment-able so the viewers can tell us exactly what they like and want to see more of. We also made a built-in blog section where we show a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff like bloopers and outtakes. In the beginning, we are in a lot of the scenes but as memberships increase, we are able to bring in new stars and will eventually find ourselves more and more behind the camera- but I think we'll be the ones breaking in the new guys for a while ;) Fuck in front of you, or would you rather us fuck from behind? lol

Anthony: So what are each of you better at than the other as far as gay sex goes? Is there anything that you guys do for each other that is way better than your girlfriends? Do you guys play off camera, too?

Austin & Zane: That's a tough one! I think Austin gives the best blow jobs West of the Mississippi but I'd like to think that I give some pretty decent dome as well. I know that if I want to get Austin rock hard during a scene, I've gotta eat his ass so I would say I'm more accommodating that way lol. Our girls are great at what they do, but we would never ask them to lick our assholes, we leave that for filming. And, believe it or not, we have never had sex off camera.

Anthony: So how do you guys identify? Straight, gay, bi? What do you think about the gay for pay performer, is it something that's just going to keep happening or are most of you straight guys just gay playing it straight?


Austin & Zane: We both identify as straight ,which I'm sure we'll get a lot of flack for. We are more open-minded than the rest of our straight friends so maybe the Kinsey scale is a better labeling choice for us. At the end of the day, we are performers that love to entertain and will do whatever it takes to put out a great product. We were on a site that was very boring and tame so like I said before, we've got a lot to prove and we're here to stay! We do have girlfriends and they know what we do and they are totally cool with it. When we worked for the old site, it was our job to convince straight guys, by offering them money, to cross the line. Most of them said no until we upped the offer- money has a way of swaying people, so I think as long as people need money, the gay for pay performer will always be around.

For me personally, I remember when I first agreed to do a shoot, I was never, ever going to swallow and I was never going to lick an asshole. With time, you eventually learn to be okay with it and now I'm eating ass in almost every scene! It's complicated to try to explain ourselves to people outside of the industry because before I got into this, if some dude said he was doing these things, I would have thought he was gay too, so we're okay with people thinking that, it kinda comes with the territory, no hard feelings ;)

Anthony: How is it different running this compared to Straight College Men? Are actors more willing to go all the way and like this site more, or were more guys willing to only go partially into the world of gay sex?

Austin & Zane: I think our approach to getting models is way different. We don't come across as a creep just trying to get you naked. We're more casual about it and we always try to hang out with the models a few times for drinks before they even come into audition. This way they can get more comfortable with the idea, ask us any questions they might have, and hopefully they are able to call us friends before we even film 1 second of footage. We don't want anyone to feel pressured into getting into the industry and we've had guys that have even decided that it wasn't right for them after hanging out with them and we're still friends with them today. This way, I think the ones that do decide to work with us are more willing to try harder because they feel like they are a part of something like a club almost, instead of just working for the man lol

Anthony: Ok, if you could have sex with your girlfriends or each other one last time, which would you choose? Is the chemistry different when you two hook up as compared to with your girlfriends?

Austin & Zane: We never want to think about having sex for the last time... with anyone... ever!! There can never be enough sex!! This is going to sound bad but when I have sex with my girlfriend, I know she's taken care of so I don't have to try too hard to get her off. When we're on camera though, it's almost like a hot'n'heavy passionate contest of who get please each other more, so yea it's way different.

Anthony: How were you able to bring in recruits from Straight College Men? Were a lot of them eager to try all out gay sex? What's your biggest issue about maintaining this site compared to the first?

Austin & Zane: Well, they came to us, really. We made ourselves a rule that we wouldn't go after the old models but if they called us wanting work, then we could use them. A lot of the models were really close at the old site so it was only a matter of time before they started hearing about our new venture. The hardest part of maintaining the site so far is really trying to figure out the best places to dedicate the money to. Like we really wanted to get the LIVEchat up sooner but we spent a lot of time and money traveling and promoting the site so we had to push the LIVEchat back a bit. We've done everything ourselves from designing and building the site, to all the filming, editing, set construction, recruiting, marketing, you name it, we did it. So this is kind of like our little baby and we really wanna see it grow. So I would say being patient is hard because we want to do it all at once which gets stressful but we know that over time, will be everything that we envisioned it to be and more!

Anthony: You've received quite the praise from juggernauts in the biz like Chi Chi LaRue and now are with Jason Sechrest. What's receiving praise from legends in the business like? Also you've received quite an overwhelming response from critics and fans. Do you realize how big you two are now, not just in the pants :)

Austin & Zane: I think we still wake up everyday feeling like the same old guys from Kentucky and Ohio. But when we go to an event with Chi Chi or Jason, it's like "oh yea... people know who we are now lol" So it hasn't really totally sunk in yet, but it is really flattering that what we do is appreciated by so many amazing fans. We've had guys come up to us literally shaking because they were so nervous to meet us- I think that will take some time to get used to. We knew that when we were building the site that we wanted to make it better than the old site, but we had no idea that fans would have such an amazing response to it. We are so grateful to have Chi Chi and Jason accept us and mentor us with the site, but we are more grateful to be able to call them friends, they are genuinely great people!

Anthony: What are your aspirations for the future with Will this be your last stop or is this just another stepping stone for you guys?

Gay-for-pay pornstars Austin and Zane

Austin & Zane: We do have a couple of really big plans for the future of AustinZane but those will all come with time. We don't want to give too much away but we hope to start filming our first major DVD in the fall and the LIVEchat setup will evolve into something larger-than-life. I don't think this will be our last stop, we want to be around for a while so we know that we will need to keep innovating as the industry changes more and more everyday.

Anthony: Austin Andrews and Zane Michaels, thank you for joining us in the GayDemon Lounge. Guys you've started something huge, keep the "balls" rollling :) Please come back an us a visit soon. BTW, where can we follow you and keep up to date with the new site?

Austin & Zane: We are on Facebook and Twitter and we're also pretty active on a few JustUsBoys forums that one of our fans started. Other than that, we have the AZblog for our members and we keep them up to date there. We will definitely keep the ball rolling!

And of course, you can see Austin Andrews and Zane Michaels at their own website,!

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