Here's a blog you can follow whether you are Australian or not. Aussieliscious is a collection of all things Aussie and hot from a guy who has a great sense of humor. There was, for example, a post called 'Gratuitous Butt Spinning' when I was taking a look at this site: A guy takes off his pants and turns around over and over again in a locked gif loop. Well, why not? But there is also some interesting stuff about being gay down under, about Australian culture generally, and there are also some interesting challenges. We've got a bit of a following going on here, methinks, as several guys regularly take part in a fitness challenge. Not only does this mean you can check back regularly for updates, but you also get to see some real Aussie guys posing in their undies, or shreddies, or whatever our Aussie cousins call them. And on top of all that Oz fun, we get the occasional flash of naked Australian male, as well, by way of a bonus. Bottom line: it's a great place to come and let it all hang out Australian-style.

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