Aussie Speedo Guy

Dave is in his late 20s and he has been blogging since 2005; he's got this big thing about Speedos as well as horny guys and here at Aussie Speedo Guy he shares his fascination with us. He also shares sex stories that have got anything to do with swimwear, Speedos in particular. It's interesting that his blog address has Gay in the address (which is changed to Speedo Guy for the title) as Dave describes himself as Bisexual, but what the hell? He's got a nice collection of hot hunks in tight trunks and that's what I went to his blog for.

I was not disappointed: big bulges, Speedos ('or budgie smugglers' as I believe they say down under), slim guys, fit men galore and famous names too. This is a big and varied collection of hot images, with neat comments and those stories, plus info and links. He's also able to get in other non-swimwear photos by relating them in some way to Speedos, like the photos of the two bacon and cheese burgers... You will see when you visit, and visit you must as there is so much to enjoy here, and most of it is wrapped in tightly fitting, wet, swimwear.

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