Aussie Boy 63

Ok, so there's this guy out there who goes by the name of Aussie Boy 63, and he's got this big thing for twinks and 18 and 19 year olds. What that means is that we've got a blog to enjoy where he does all the finding and the work, and we get all the fun of catching up with twink sex news. When I was checking this blog out I found pics and info from the likes of 8teen, Helix Studios and other well-known producers of twink porn. There were photos that came with slideshows, interviews with models, and loads of links and adverts. You might think that adverts would upset a blog site and make it tacky, but these were all on target, on niche and led to some really interesting things. Obviously these were DVDs, stores, sites and such like but all in the twink market, and all of interest to the twink fan. Which is exactly what this blog is: an interesting treat and resource for twink fans that looks to be updated more or less daily.

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