Forced Gay Sex

After a hard day work, muscle hunk Spencer Reed comes home and finds an intruder, Jake Woods, in his house. This burglar has picked the wrong house and he learns this very quickly. Spencer catches Jake by surprise, wrestles him to the couch, and ties him up with the extension cord. Jake pleads for Spencer not to call the cops; he's on probation and doesn't need any more trouble. In a few minutes, Jake will be begging Spencer to call the cops. Spencer forces the punk to his knees and forces his big, long cock down Jake's throat. Spencer locks Jake up in a prison cell he has under the stairs. He torments him before dragging him out for a flogging. One's Jake's ass is red hot, Spencer ties the punk to the staircase and fucks his ass. Before letting this burglar go, Spencer hauls Jake into the bedroom, secures him in some creative suspension bondage, and then, the muscle hunk spanks Jake's ass before finally fucking it one last time. Jake is going to think twice about breaking into this house again - or will he? Maybe he liked it a little too much.

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