Atomic Men

Atomic Men is a newer but extremely well-designed and -devised blog about hot men, sex and with relevant and very direct news and information about gay lifestyle issues. At least that is the "blog-only" part. The other parts of this huge virtual database deals in hooking up, with premiums paid for access to what are some really horny and some really gorgeous guys. It's a really interesting combination, smart and really pretty gorgeous in design, actually. Across the header on top, one can easily navigate to sexy galleries and vids, surfing for free. I have to applaud the more serious and political elements, myself. Since life is not as sexy and purely fun as we would like it, we are left dealing with the adult issues of being participants in the world. What this blog does is inform us a bit about the politics, then give us some real nice erections soon thereafter. I mean, that's really not a bad combination at all! And, heck, some guys think some of the news wags are sexy, too! Imagine one of those sexy anchor guys bent over and looking back, waiting for what's next. It's a political world until someone gets fucked, right?

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