Athletes Exposed

All the naked sports stud-stars you could ever need are waiting for you at this blog. Athletes Exposed gives you not only a good collection of images but a great long links list that will guide you in your quest for the perfect fitness (but naked and hardcore) site. Actually, the list of sites to check out is so long that it takes a while to scroll down it and find the category list for the blog we're looking at, and that means it is easy to get side-tracked and head off to another horny blog or site by accident. But stay with it and lower down the page you're going to find a long list of categories about the content. This includes famous names as you see all kinds of sportsmen here. Gymnasts, swimmers, football players - as long as sport is involved you get to see it, and often you get to see it all. There are categories as varied as Bulge and Shirtless, Armpits and Cricket, just to give you an idea of how eclectic this neat image blog is. Worth a look? I should say you should run for it, but take a towel to dry yourself down with afterwards.

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