Ever notice how predictable most porn is? Some things are a given and are absolutely necessary, such as hot models, big dicks (hopefully), tight asses (acne-free, please), and by the time it's all over, someone should be gooey. But how we get from point A to point B does not have to follow the same path in every scene. Yet, the average porn scene almost always follows the exact same pattern, even right down to the order of positions and types of sex.

Yer average porn scene goes like this: 1. Models meet briefly and start making out. 2. Boy A sucks Boy B. 3. Boy B sucks Boy A. 4. Boy A fucks Boy B doggie style. 5. Boy A fucks Boy B ride 'em cowboy style. 6. Boy A fucks Boy B on his back. 7. Boy A comes on his stomach, then Boy B adds to the mix'OR'Boy A and Boy B jack off side by side and unload their jizz at around the same time.

Obviously, there are variations to the above, but not as often as one would think or hope for. Nearly every scene containing anal intercourse follows the same types and order of positions. Sometimes it might go the other direction, starting with the missionary position and concluding with doggie-style, but the variations are always similar. Granted, there are only so many ways you can fuck, but I think there's vast room for improvement of variety.

Example: take Cobra Video. Most of their scenes include not just 2 cum shots, but 4 cum shots, kind of like two scenes combined into one. In many of their scenes, there are oral cum shots as well as post-fucking cum shots. The boys take turns fucking each other and the variety of positions always rotates. In other words, you never quite know where a Cobra vid is going to go. You know that there will be a lot of cum and a lot of sex, and the best part of it is that you won't always be able to predict how it turns out. That is great porn right there. If porn is as predictable as standard marital-type sex, where's the benefit? It should be exciting, fresh and seemingly spontaneous.

I have seen too many Web sites or production companies in which nearly every scene they produce is shot the same way, following the same order of sex acts, delivering the cum shots in the same fashion, using the same camera angles repeatedly'it gets to a point where you wonder if the producers have any sense of change or putting some spice into their product. I'm particularly annoyed by producers who actually re-use shots within the same scene. This was highly prevalent in late '80s and early '90s porn by filmmakers like Jim Steel who would sometimes re-use the same shots up to four times in the same scene. It's a clever method of deceiving the viewer into thinking you're getting a lot more material than you are, but to an observant eye, it's a lazy cheat. If I want instant replay, let me determine that, not the cheap producer.

Producers can get into a routine like anybody else, and it can be easy to fall into a pattern that rarely shifts because, in the moment, it's a technical task. I encourage producers and cameramen to think more about what they're doing from a creative standpoint rather than just getting through a production to get it done and shown. Mix it up a little, ya know? Instead of always finishing with fucking, how 'bout fucking in the middle and finishing with sucking each other off to completion, then maybe fucking some more'or perhaps they fuck each other hanging from the ceiling'whatever it takes to break up the predictable patterns of Boy A and Boy B. A steamy sex scene between two hotties is one thing'a steamy sex scene between two hotties who are doing things to each other in a way you haven't seen before, now that's far more exciting and engaging, don't ya think? If all porn performers fuck and suck and cum in the same way every time they do it, we're going to get as tired of them as straight men get tired of their wives. We wouldn't want that now, would we? Uh-nope.



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