Ass Stretching on Film

If you think this is a simple jerk-off video, think again. Meet Seb Evans a newcomer to the world of porn. Things start off simply enough with Seb jacking off his cock on film. But then he switches things up by maneuvering his body, so his ass is facing the camera. Then he begins to finger his hole.

Chris starts out slowly with one finger. Then two fingers up the butt. Finally he uses three to penetrate his ass. Think he is done? Not quite. He proceeds to use a butt plug to open up his ass even more. But we are just warming up. Chris then applies a massive load of lube to a big, thick dildo. All designed to stretch his hole to the maximum. Giving his hole on hard work-out. It is too much for Seb to ignore his throbbing cock that needs relief and begins jacking off again squirting hot cum all over his abs. Awesome sight!

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