Ass Fucking Flip Flop

Dave is moving pretty quickly through the ranks of Corbin Fisher. In the last update he was paired up with Ben and TJ, who sucked his cock together. And this was the first time that the young, lean, and hairy-legged Dave has appeared on Corbin Fisher since his solo jack off session five updates ago. But back then, we learned that Dave has played with both boys and girls, so it's not a surprise that today he's featured on the site in a fucking scene. And not just him fucking another guy, like usual, but he gets fucked, too. In this video Dave is teamed up with Nick, a 20-year-old, muscular jock. Nick himself has appeared in thirteen different scenes from solo jack off to five-man blowjob scenes to fucking scenarios where he has both topped and bottomed. The scene opens with Dave and Nick lying on a bed kissing. These two aren't really interested in a lot of foreplay - they want to fuck! Four minutes later Nick is saying, "Are you going to fuck me?" And he was sorry he asked that because Dave has a big cock. Nick had a lot of trouble taking it. At one point he grimaced in pain and Dave was trying to work his dick into Nick's ass, and Nick said, "It's so big." Not "ah that feels great" or "fuck my ass," just a painful look on his face and "it's so big." Dave fucks Nick is a variety of positions and eventually loosens Nick up, but Dave never really can slam Nick's ass hard. The boy just can't take it. But Dave does sit on Nick's cock and blows a stream of cum across Nick's belly, and then, Nick fucks him some more and they both cum.

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