Ass Foot And Cock Massage

Before his hot massage shoot with Buzz West, Justin called up while at the airport and said he had a 6 day cumload waiting for them. As if their anticipation of massaging the straight hunk from head to toe wasn't enough, here he goes telling us this! Justin says that he usually gets himself off at least 2-3 times a day, so you can imagine how much jizz would come shooting out of that rock hard dick of his. The massage starts off pretty mellow, with Justin getting his sexy back and bubble butt kneaded and rubbed. Man, I bet that feels good. A full body rubdown is nothing without some foot attention, though. Justin's got a really nice set of feet. His masseur pays special attention to the heels and makes sure the camera gets those tasty toes in the shot. Justin turns over and his steel-like dick sticks right out in such obvious need of release. This is when his servicer gives him the best handjob of his entire life. Stroke after slow stroke brings Justin closer and closer to the edge of ejaculation. Finally, his pulsating cock explodes man juice all over himself and his massager's hands. What a mess!

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