Cute Police Officer

Tristan is donning his police uniform and when those sunglasses go on, he becomes Officer Cox. And if I saw this young cop walking towards me on the street, I might just pick up a brick and throw it through a store window. Officer Cox is fucking hot. And I sure wouldn't mind being chased down a dark alley. I imagine that when he finally found me kneeling behind towers of crates, that he'd put away his handcuffs and unzip his trousers. "Okay cock sucker, you'd better do a good job, or I'll haul your ass in," he says. And doing a good job wouldn't be a problem. Officer Cox has a delicious cock - long enough, a little on the thick side, and a perfectly formed helmet head. And this blonde stud has a muscular and smooth body - broad shoulders, hard pecs, and a perfect bubble butt. And while I fantasize about sucking this cop off, in this video, Tristan jacks his cock and shoots his load all over the police badge on his shirt. Nasty!

Cute Police Officer

Naked Police Officer

Police Office Jacking Off

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