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What becomes a legend most? How about a gay porn DVD compilation!? Porn superstar Arpad Miklos has been working the trenches of this industry for years. Now Hot House Entertainment has honored the swarthy stud with The Arpad Miklos Collection, which features six scenes hand-selected by the man himself. His co-stars include Collin O'Neal (the onetime flame who introduced him to the big biz), Alex Collack (what ever happened to this amazing performer?! We miss you, Alex!), Owen Hawk, Duke Michaels, the late Kent North, Francesco D'Macho, Ken Browning, Enzo Grimaldi and Craig Reynolds. What a great cast, and the double penetration sequence with O'Neal and Collack is somewhat mind-boggling, but viewers will still go away panting for more of Hungarian hunk Miklos, who appears in every scene. Arpad, please keep doing what you do so well! For more information, visit

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