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Private Jeof Pierson is working his way through basic training and today he has to report to the doctor for his Army physical. Nick Moretti is the doctor in this Bound Gods scene and he pulls this private aside into his special examining room. Jeof is going to get a physical that he'll never forget.

The doctor puts this private through a battery of tests to see just how tough the young recruit really is. Jeof is subdued with a gas mask and when he comes to, he's mummified in duct tape. The doctor attaches medical forceps to the young soldier's sensitive nipples, and then sucks Jeof's huge cock, which he has conveniently left out in the open and unwrapped. Once this soldier's cock is rock hard, the doctor inserts an electrified catheter, and flips the switch. This sadistic doctor gets off watching the private's cock pulse and dance. And Jeof's muffled screams are a delight on the ears.

The doctor moves to Jeof's ass and slides an electro butt plug up his tight, puckered hole. With his hole quivering, Jeof is finally bound with rope and hung from the ceiling. He gets his sensitive butt cheeks flogged. But the doctor has a special surprise for this soldier - a suspension fuck. The doctor drives his big, hard cock into Jeof's ass and by the end of this scene, Jeof is begging for more.

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