There's something about armpits. They're warm, often have soft hair that feels good to touch and of course armpits are very sensitive and often even ticklish. While you don't fun across much armpit fetish content in straight porn, you've probably seen pics of men with their arms raised as they lick the area just outside the armpit or even have other men sniffing their pits. A lot of guys find the tangy smell of underarms to be earthy and erotic.

Some guys find armpits so erotic that they love fucking those warm pits. There's even a medical name for armpit fucking - axillary intercourse - but guys who are into it just call it bagpiping.

While a lot of non-fetish sites offer a few pics of each model's feet in their pic sets, not a lot offer pics of pits but I recently realized that FratMen does. They aren't really blatant about it, but almost all their hot jock models do show off their pits.


Some guys liove the smell of sweat anywhere on the body, but of course you can't beat the armpits for the smell and moist heat. When it comes to getting turned on smelling part of the body, pits are probably second only to ass sniffing.

Lately I'm noticing that more and more men are shaving their armpit hair, and sometimes that's a shame as the longer, soft smooth hair there feels sexy if you run your fingers down it. On the other hand, a smooth pit also has a certain appeal, too. So I guess this one is just a matter of personal taste.


But one thing is for sure - if you have an armpit fetish, you are not alone. There are thousands and thousands of guys who find armpits to be arousing, who masturbate fantasizing about pits and love to smell and feel their partners' pits. So the next time someone asks you what turns you on, just smile at them and say "It's the pits!"

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