Armando And Ulises

Whenever the crew of Collin Oneal head over to Spain to check out the incredible men to shoot, they are always greeted warmly by their good friend in the porn business, Martin Mazza. He usually has a few men around he thinks would suit their format. On this particular trip, he introduced them to Armando. This 40 year old Daddy stud is just about all you could ever hope for when it comes to masculinity and mature virility. Although he is a bit older, his spirit is young and he still very much lives to play. When asked who he would like to do a shoot with, he introduced everyone to a good gym buddy named Ulises who he had had a crush on for some time. Collin Oneal were very impressed to say the least as the young man standing before them was certainly one of the best looking Spaniards they'd ever laid eyes on. Thus, with two such amazing hunks ready to go at each like there's no tomorrow, telling you this video is fantastic would be a serious understatement.

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