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Damien and Gerardo are a couple of amateur Argentinian guys. They've both filmed with On the Hunt before and they're a couple of the fan faves. The fans have good taste. Damien is the hot muscle boy with the crop top and the big dick, he's also packing a lean and muscular body.

Gerardo is his sexy scene partner with the insatiable bubble butt (complete with hairy ass crack) and the 5 o'clock shadow. And Damien can hardly wait to get Gerardo's jeans off and get to work on that hot butt. With Gerardo down on all fours, Damien dives in and licks some tight, cock-hungry asshole. He's lubing it up good because he wants to shove his big uncut dick in there and he wants to make sure it slides right in. The cameraman stands on the bed to get some shots of Damien's tongue working his buddy's ass and Damien can't resist pulling out the videographer's cock and gives him some head.

Gerarod and Damien get into some sweaty cock sucking of their own - a horny 69 - before scruffy-faced Damien sits back on Gerardo big uncut cock and goes for a ride. You can tell by the look on his face how much he loves having this dick buried in his ass. And who can blame him? Damien has a beautiful cock.

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