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When you've watched enough Corbin Fisher videos, after a while you start to wonder if these straight guys really enjoy handing control over to another man. I mean always having to be the aggressor with their girlfriends must become a bit of a routine. And we all know that the center of a man's universe is his cock, so it must be rather startling for a guy to discover that he has other pleasure spots -- ones that only come to notice when he gives up control and stops thinking about his dick -- like his nipples, his armpits, his butt hole, and his prostate. In this Corbin Fisher video, seeing how Elijah reacts to all that Brent does here leads me to believe that for some guys this is exactly the case. Elijah has proved on Corbin Fisher's brother site, Amateur College Sex, that he can be a total stud and fuck the living daylights out of a girl. But when he's paired up with Brent, he becomes a bit more shy, quiet, and a lot more submissive. And that's hot! And Elijah's first time with another guy is nothing short of superb. When Brent straddles Elijah's face, the cute jock doesn't hesitate in swallowing Brent's big cock. And watching how turned on Elijah gets when Brent fingers his ass will send you over the edge. I always enjoy watching the straight boys in their first guy-on-guy sexual experiences, but Elijah was particularly exciting to watch. He was so relaxed and so into it, I forgot that it was his first time!

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