I sometimes wonder just how dumb Webmasters think porn hounds are. With the vast number of porn sites at our fingertips, one has to be selective about where dollars are spent to ensure maximum bang for the buck. Most people can't afford to join a lot of sites on a regular basis, and it's a real bummer when you join one that looks good on the preview page, but turns out to be a real dud. There is a particular type of site that infuriates me because I consider it financial rape..

You have no doubt noticed that many amateur porn sites feature lengthy interviews with models before the action begins. Let's face it: most of us skip that shit because what do we care about when a dude had his first blow job or first penetrated a vagina? Model interviews tend to be endlessly boring because the models are uncomfortable talking about themselves and the interviewers tend to ask the same ole tired questions. But ultimately, as long as there is lots of hot action after the interview, we can live with it because it's really easy to click the fast forward button. But suppose you join a site that focuses on one model, and it turns out that most of the videos offered aren't exactly sexy?

Case in point: There is a model who we'll call Skyler who has appeared in original vids for a handful of sites that specialize in hot young twinks getting it on with each other. Skyler is a hottie, but certainly not the queen of the crop or anything to write to your mother about. Apparently, somebody thinks Skyler is all that, so they dedicated a site exclusively to him. For $20 per month, you get access to his pics and vids, blog, etc. Funny thing is, after you shell out the $20, you'll find that you get very little. The number of clips offered is minimal, and some of them are taken from other Web sites. But here's the real pisser of the situation..

Skyler has several vids which consist of nothing more than following him around and listening to him prattle on about his uneventful life. You'll get a vid of him getting dressed for a night on the town and talking to you while primping himself in the mirror. Well whoopty-fucking-doo! Then you'll get a vid of him driving around town babbling endlessly about whatever it is that amuses his sissy ass. In other words, most of what you get on his site is total crap, and some of it is sexless. If you need beauty care tips, then his site is for you. If you're looking for a large archive of hot porn, you won't find it.

What in the world makes Skyler and those who built the site for him think that we give a shit about his wardrobe and what beauty products he uses and what he does when he's not having sex? I mean.. are you fucking kidding me? Do they really think people are that pathetic that they are content to watch some twinkie comb his hair and brush his teeth while strutting around to female pop music? This is one of the most insulting excuses for a Web site I've ever seen, and I use Skyler as an example because I have seen countless sites exactly like his. I understand that the Internet allows anyone to make their own Web pages and tell you about their lives, show you pics of their dogs and their gardens and whatever, but most of those sites are free. These 'day in the life' sites have little to offer, and if they actually charge people membership fees, I consider it highway robbery. If there are dudes who honestly think it's worth money to follow some blathering idiot around while he talks about himself as if he's God's answer to homosexuals.. I feel so, so sorry for them.

There is a certain kind of repugnant arrogance that goes along with models of this sort, guys who think they are so stunning and hot that we all want to spend time with them as much as possible, even if their clothes are on and we have to listen to them speak. The assumption that we care is a real stretch, and I find it insulting that these guys rip people off and justify it by saying that they are just trying to raise money to keep themselves in college. Well here's an idea.. get a fucking job and stop raping people financially and pretending that it's quality porn. If nothing else, sites like this should at least offer a tour that shows the contents of the site so people are warned about such a low volume of content before they pay for it. And as for models like Skyler who think they are so marvelous that we should feel blessed to spend time with them on the crapper.. they need to get the hell over themselves. And as for you, intrepid porn hounds, if you see a site that focuses on only one model, beware and check it out carefully before you pay. If you're gonna fund someone's college tuition, you should be sure you're gonna get gooey from it rather than a cooking and cleaning class or a demonstration of how to put on eye shadow. Yikes.



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