With the increasing push by society to limit one's intake, one's calories and all that other good stuff, I wonder, is that why some of us have become Size Queens?

Think about it, is all those ads for 'super size it' for a few pennies more, warping our thinking so that we crave, desire, larger penises?

All that email that comes, telling us that having a big whopper is what will satisfy our partner, that it will eliminate our shame of having a tiny weenie, even if it is seven or eight inches long.

Thing is, did you know the average penis length is less than six inches?

I mean come on here, under six inches is average, so if you lucky enough to have a stiffy that gets to 7 inches, what the hell you bitching about?

Yet supposedly Gay Men like to have a big one to suck on, to sit on, to worship, but I wonder, is it because we truly feel it is better, or because we are conditioned to believe that?

Some researchers claim it is about self esteem, yet how come Gay men like em big, but for women, they couldn't care less? I mean you would figure women would know a bit more about that stuff, so maybe the 'self esteem' group have a point?

If you think about it, a big dick really doesn't go hand in hand with great sex. Like okay, maybe I don't really know, given how my partner is hung, over 7 inches of lovely tasty uncut meat, though not a thick one. Still, I can remember dating a guy ages ago, who had a really small dick. I mean small, like way below average, but you know, for just casual sex, he sure beat the guy I dated who had a ten inch dick.

He was far more active, moved around more and hell, I didn't gag either, or bruise the inside of my jaw from his dick banging into it while sucking him off. Sure the anal stuff was a bit weak, but then again, he was BELOW AVERAGE. Yet if he had an inch or two more, well, I would say it would have been ideal.

Then there is the risk too. I mean come on, taking one of those monster dicks that are eleven inches or more, if they rush it, man they can tear your insides apart, and who wants to go to the doctor to tell em you took a big one? And no way they going to believe it was caused by having a really bad poop either.

So why should having a big dick be such a goal? Yet look at your email inbox, and see all those rather rude emails telling you to buy their pills, their pumps, just so you can stop being embarrassed. Like I am not hung like a horse, and I've seen a hung a horse, so no thank you bud. I like what I got, the wife does too, and well all I can say is that sex is great.

I don't really buy into all this self esteem crap, because I mean come on, if you got a ten incher, just how many guys are really going to enjoy it? Unless you really know how to do it, or take it, you aren't going to be having as much fun. You have to restrain yourself, you can't do a really good power pump session, and the face fucking, I mean you could knock a guy's teeth out, or choke him.

Besides, I like to eat healthy, so I think I'll have the other half pass on those penis pills. He is just fine, as he is. I am satisfied.

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