No, not the kind who has a patch over one eye and wooden peg leg with a mouthy parrot on their shoulder, but the kind who downloads music, videos, and other stuff from the Internet from all those nice friendly file sharing sites? If you are, your days may be numbered, but is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

Seriously, is this about sharing or about stealing?

For myself, I have to say that I am not one who downloads tons of music or videos online. To begin with, I hate to have my computer get all gummed up by the viruses that you find on most of these file sharing sites, and secondly, I have a nice collection of tunes. I also am not a fan of the more recent releases either, and I am Cheap.

File sharing is not something I am a part of, yet I hear so many talk about how they downloaded this program, that one, or got the latest album release from this group or that. Fact is, I don't even recognize the names anymore, as I grew up in the ABBA, Poison, Beatles era, and so am a bit prejudiced. See, I got to listen to real music, not hype.

However, you know, for me there is one thing that the video industry and the music industry seem to be missing. While yes, these file sharing sites are cutting into their corporate profits, they should be asking themselves why so many are willing to become small time criminals. I mean we can call it file sharing, call it whatever, the truth is, it is stealing. We aren't paying for what is copyrighted material, but then the various industries don't really pay the artists either. Doesn't make it right to steal the tunes.

Point is, that we are not stupid people, us consumers. We like to get some value for our buck and with the price of gas hitting the roof, and only going to go higher over time, we want to save where we can. The price per CD or DVD is simply outrageous.

And don't tell me it costs them a lot to produce either. Hell I can produce a good DVD or CD for less than $2, and that is buying the materials at retails, at doing the work myself off the computer, and only making a few copies at a time. So uh, Mister Record Industry, Mister Video Producer, get real and stop charging outrageous prices, then maybe there won't be so many file sharing outfits operating online.

I mean why risk being a criminal if you can get the goods cheap legally? Yet time after time, these Corporate Big Shots never once mention that their prices are to blame. Instead they blame the Computer, the Internet, or the Internet Providers. Truth is, they are more responsible for this stealing than anyone else.

Yes it is stealing too, on a rather grand scale. Whether it is music videos, albums, or software, the high prices they charge is just a tip of the iceberg. I mean come on, charging over a hundred bucks for an upgrade to a computer operating system, that doesn't work, is gonna make me want to buy a legal copy of it? I DON'T THINK SO.

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