I am in a whimsical mood, and sometimes it is rather interesting to look back at how things were, way back when things like computers didn't exist. Heck, cars were not even a thought, let alone the gas guzzlers they are today, so it got me thinking, about Cross Dressers.

Don't ask why, but maybe because how hot it is and how sweaty I feel in a pair of blue jeans. The thing is, back in Ancient Times, guys wore dresses, and that was even in Countries that get snow.

So it makes me wonder, why do we make dresses and pants a gender issue?

Now I can see in Winter a person wanting to keep their legs covered, because I don't know, something about blue legs just doesn't excite me, but why in Summer are Men expected to wear pants, while women and Scotsmen get to parade around in Skirts and Dresses?

Like is this some form of punishment against Males?

For myself, to be cool and have a nice breeze blowing up would be great, specially on some of those hotter days. Mind you it would properly keep me single, as my legs are certainly not one would call pleasing. Still, I am married so it doesn't matter anymore, but if I was to parade around like the Ancient Greeks or Romans did, I'd sure get some stares.

Yet Scotsmen get away with it, though they call it a Kilt. Back in Ancient Times, it was called a Toga, so I mean, could I go out and wear a Toga and not get stares? NOPE. They'd assume I was some head case, or a Cross Dresser. Unless of course it was in some pattern, that resembled a tartan. You know, like Plaid.

Then too, they get away without wearing undies too. Now you try leaving the house like that. From early childhood, we are told, clean undies when you go out. So you know, it really does make me wonder, are they trolling or simply making it easier to be cruised? After all, part of the outfit is those very shiny gloss shoes, that are like mirrors.

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