Straight guys... For some of us, there's a fantasy of being able to watch the unattainable, even if we can't have it. Let's face it - men are hunters, and seducing a straight guy or getting him to jack off for a gay website is a lot like straight men in the 1950s dealt with women.

And then there are 3 kinds of straight guy sites - straight guys jacking off, gay for pay and straight guys who are actually bi-curious. Personally I think my favorite is actually straight guys jacking off. For one thing, I just love watching as a guy gets his cock hard and strokes it. For another, I feel that more genuinely straight guys are likely to be found jacking off rather than getting his ass drilled and filled with cum.

Sure, it's easy to figure out the guys are straight on a site like Straight Guys for Gay Eyes, but since the men there are fucking their girlfriends, it doesn't take much figuring ;)


On the other hand, sites like Broke Straight Boys make it clear that their models haven't ever been with another man before and are careful to show the nervousness and reluctance of the models. The photographer for this site actively searches for fresh straight men for the site.

Some producers don't actually set out to find straight guys for their movies - but luckily for us, straight guys like extra cash as much as the rest of us.

Chip, VP of Straight Boy Secrets tells us "The truth is, the reason we renamed the site is while we were going through the content, we realized that better than 70% of the guys are really, honestly straight. Straight as in, would never CONSIDER sucking some guy's dick."

Squirt is the owner and photographer of Sleeping Men, a rather unique take on the straight guy niche. I asked how he came up with the idea and whether it was for real. Here's what he told me: "This straight guy came over one night and after he fell asleep I started playing with him. Then I thought this would be a great idea for a site, and also a way to get plenty of straight cock."

Well, damn - my most cherished fantasies are true! Straight guys in straight guy sites really ARE straight! Time to pull out the lube and a towel and celebrate by visiting a few of my favorite sites ;)

Please post your favorite straight guy sites in the comments! If we get enough, we'll do a best str8 guy sites list.

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