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Is this what straight guys are into nowadays!? According to The New York Post, a hot new craze among our hetero bros is posing for racy photos for their wives and girlfriends. "Dudeoir" pics, a takeoff on the boudoir pics that attention-starved women have been known to sit for, have become popular in the city with men who want to show their stuff in a socially acceptable way. "I love the photos," 33-year-old Lionel Zanar tells the newspaper. The Brooklyn-based self-defense trainer modeled provocatively for his girlfriend, who helped in one shot by cupping Zanar's junk from behind (top photo). She also paid $500 for the 90-minute shoot. "She pretty much bought the session as a gift for herself," the dreamy Zanar adds.

NYC photographer Catherine Leonard and partner Alistair Quick saw potential in the seemingly gay trend and decided to add a division to their company that caters to the potentially naughty pics. They told The Post that business has been booming among straight dudes like Zanar. "Sometimes it's the wife or girlfriend who inquires and buys the package, but usually it's the guy himself," Leonard says. "We have grooms who want to give their brides an intimate portfolio as a wedding present and others who are doing it entirely for themselves--they're young and ripped and proud of it."

Hey, whatever works for the straights, but we can't help recalling when George Costanza (below) had the same idea on Seinfeld in the 1990s. Black socks are a timeless turn-on, no!?

For more information, visit nycdudeoir.com.

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