Arch Noble

Arch Noble is more than one thing. While we focus on his blog, the author of this site has wider interests in general, aside from these wonderfully personal looks at the preoccupations of his provocative and interesting thought processes. While the blog is active and very challenging in some ways - presenting many architectural/design-centered images and considerations - he gives up much, much more as one goes deeper inside. This is an appreciative gay man who shares our own sensations and lusts and who presents his own biases in most fascinating ways. Whether he displays a scintillating spread involving the hottest underwear model, an actor or singer, he always seems to return to simple things - a nice-looking man with a huge cock, for example. Or a great ass, wiggling in front of our faces. His use of GIF's - moving photos - is hilarious at times and very cool, at worst. This is really a very cool blog, with benefits. A trip over to his home page shows some startling photographs, well-drawn in composition and subject matter, if sometimes unsettling. Smart, provocative in a human and caring sort of way, this blog has nuance and style.

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