Given the revolutionary fever sweeping the Middle East, we here at Gay Demon thought it was only right thing to offer up a gesture of solidarity with our Arab brothers by featuring Alexander Pictures' latest cockeria: "Arabian Desert Camp," a film so moist with man spray, we had to ask ourselves why there weren't any flowers in the desert. (Well, we would have asked had we not been busy coaxing our own jizz to come out and coat our computer monitors.)

This latest release features ten swarthy *cough* Middle-Eastern boys inside a yurt in the middle of God-knows-where doing things that would make a camel blush. The movie, starring men with names like Mujab Nabhi (Arabic for "Yes, I actually would like to put my penis in your mouth"), Al Zaman ("My anus will open up with a little pressure") and super ooper duper sexy Aban Malik ("Funny, I don't recall agreeing to have my ass rimmed but since you've started you may as well finish.") along with seven other hot guys promises to start its own revolution in sexiness:

"From dick licking to nipple sucking to ass fucking is a quick journey as these guys just can't seem to wait to get to the good stuff...these brown beauties are serious about their fucking and they don't miss a stroke from first insertion until they finally drain their balls."

That's what we're talking about!



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