I know just enough of Jersey Shore, the single biggest hit in terms of audience size in all of MTV's history, to know two things: One: four hot, Italian men, no matter how cheesy, uncouth, overstylized or just plain dumb are one of the four main ingredients of anything gay, gay-like or gay-ish.

Now, we know that the four male members of Jersey Shore - Vinny, Michael, Ronny and Paul - have just the right level of ethnic pride to make us want declare their heterosexuality for them. But Boardwalk Productions has announced that they are holding auditions for their very own gay-themed spin on Jersey Shore called "Anal Taffy!"

I'm kidding. The working title is Under The Boardwalk and hopes to include a variety of GLBT persons in similar roles only under a parallel gay pastiche. (It's SO Glee meets The Kansas City Trucking Company Co., you know, minus the guy in the wheelchair, Artie Abrams. Am I allowed to say that?)

It's being shot this spring and if it gets picked up, they cast will relocate to a home in either Atlantic City, Marquate or Ventnor. I, however, will continue my residence in my late-model Cutlass following Vinny, Michael, Ronny and Paul around the world in the meantime.


Via: GorgeousBoys.com

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