Anti-Heroes - The Blog is the personal blog of the primary artist and author of the web site Anti-Heroes.net, a full-fledged artist's smorgasbord, complete with lovable and not-so-lovable recurring figures. What we get in this blog are musings and his own writings and drawings drawn from his past and his speculations about the future. He draws incredibly erotic artwork, with very specific attention paid to cocks - never a bad thing. The art work tends to be all his own and it always seems loaded with either potential or with some story intimate to the character or related to his life. There are sketches and outlines of characters as well as fully-drawn ones, replete with sexual themes and situations, all based on this guy's very fertile imagination and his artistic work. This is a very interesting blog, linked as well to his site which provides a guest hundreds of linked drawings made by others as well. This is a very cool, interesting and, in the end, erotic site filled with drawings and sketches of sexy men.

Please note - This site no longer exists or has been shut down and the links no longer work. Sorry!

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