There are two kinds of Webmasters: those who are professional and considerate, and those who are not. If you've ever contacted a porn site Webmaster to offer feedback or a question or to report a problem, you know that the quality of the response makes all the difference as to how you feel about the site and whether you will renew your membership. I know some porn Webmasters who are the most gracious and accommodating businessmen you could imagine, but man oh man, that just isn't the norm.

If one contacts a Webmaster to provide positive feedback and the Webmaster doesn't reply to the message, it's really not an issue. Webmasters are busy guys and can't always respond to messages that do not necessarily require a reply. It's great though when you provide feedback and the Webmaster actually thanks you for the praise and keeps the door open for further communication.

It's particularly gratifying if you feel that you can play a part in how content for a site is selected, and if you get the type of Webmaster who wants nothing more than to please his customers, you can actually get them to produce more material catered to your own tastes! That's a pretty sweet deal if you can manage it.

When lack of response from a Webmaster is a big fat issue is when you report a problem which is ignored. If you order cable TV and some of the channels don't work, you call the cable company and get them to fix the problem till you have all the channels you paid for. Well, when you join a porn site and some of the vids don't work, it's logical for you to send a note to the Webmaster requesting that the defective clips be repaired. Plenty of Webmasters will respond within a day or two, apologize, and correct the problem. After all, you're a paying customer and you should be able to view everything on a site without hindrance. But what about those asshole yahoo shit-fer-brains Webmasters who will not reply to reported problems under any circumstances?

It really, really pisses me off when I lay down money for a site full of defects. For instance, I joined a site that offered a total of about 30 original vid clips. This is not a huge archive, so I damn well expect that all 30 of those clips should download and play without a hitch. But there were 6 clips that were defective: one wouldn't play at all, two of them froze up after about 2 minutes of play, and the rest resulted in a 'file not found' screen when clicking the links. Hey, problems happen and it's understandable. But upon contacting the Webmaster politely and reporting the problem, I got no response. I sent another message a week later'no response. By the time I sent a third message, I added a comment indicating that their lack of customer service and paying attention to a problem was unacceptable, and it is. I have run into this sort of situation before where the Webmaster clearly doesn't care about customer service or fulfilling his obligation as a business owner. There is no excuse for not responding to reports of problems from customers. None at all.

There's one sure-fire way to lose business, and that's to ignore your customers. It's very easy to hit a cancel button when it comes time to renew a membership, and if a site if full of defective vids or pages that won't load, that cancel button gets pressed very quickly. So, whenever you encounter a Webmaster who responds to your concerns, be they positive or negative, be very grateful that he cares enough to listen to you and address whatever problems you have brought to his attention. And for the Webmasters that ignore you, don't let 'em get away with it. Fill their e-mail boxes with message after message if you have to, and if you never hear from them, make sure they know why you've canceled your membership. If we don't stand up against lousy Webmasters, they will continue to take our money and not lift a finger to correct problems that are a result of their half-assed approach to business. Porn hounds unite!



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