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Rudy did the obligatory first jerk-off scene at Corbin Fisher, then he fucked a chick over at American College Sex, Corbin Fisher's other site, then Rudy fucked a guy back on Corbin Fisher. Cameron followed the same route: first he jerked off for Corbin Fisher, then he fucked a chick, and now he's been paired up with Rudy to take this 20-year-old's cherry.

Cameron has never been with a guy before, and Rudy's never bottomed; Rudy only just had his first guy-on-guy sexual experience a few weeks ago. And I have to admit, it's pretty hot watching a couple of guys fumbling through their first sexual experience together. And as the guys start kissing, their nervousness fades away. Then Rudy goes down on Cameron and starts stiffening up his dick with his mouth.

After getting some head from Cameron, Rudy gets on all fours and his buddy starts inching his dick into Rudy's tight hole. Cameron is gentle and gives Rudy's ass time to adjust. But it's not long before he's pounding Rudy's ass, even slapping it as he pumps. for his first time, Rudy is loving the feeling of Cameron's dick sliding into his butt.

After some side-by-side fucking, Rudy moves onto his back and Cameron thrusts into his ass. Rudy can't hold back any more and he splatters a big load of cum all over his abs. Cameron pulls out, kneels beside Rudy, and dumps his load into Rudy's mouth. So not only has Rudy gotten his first anal sex under his belt, but he's tasted his first load of cum!

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