There are a select few PerfectGuyz men that break from the ranks. Chance is one such guy! When they first introduced this hot Southern California surfer stud he caused quite a stir among the viewers. Many have requested an encore performance. I'm sure we can all understand why. Chance is quite simply captivating, beautiful and very HOT! He has an angelic face - pure and innocent. His body is undeniably sexy - with ripped abs, bulging biceps, and a luscious 8' cock among his better assets. Chance is certainly one guy we want to see again! Enjoy Chance in his encore PerfectGuyz presentation.


With his perfectly versatile looks, Chance could work in just about any context. Be it the charismatic lead singer of a hard rock band, a pinup model for poster shoots, or even as a hunky gay poser for adult porn. Wait, I think he already covered that one.


Yeah, Chance sure has that Rock Star look. His "Jim Morrison" type profile really gets me in the nads. I mean, to be in the shower with this guy would just be awesome! Love the slight bit of hair that runs down his torso. And that cock really looks inviting.


You didn't really think I'd deny you a shot of Chance's ultra-fine buttocks did you? That would just be absolute cruelty. Even I'm not that evil. He He. PerfectGuyz hasn't been on the scene as long as some of the other sites we feature, but I do believe they're on the right track if they keep featuring the the likes of Chance. Wouldn't you agree?

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