Angelo Marconi Bottoms for 2 Big Dicks Angelo Marconi Bottoms for 2 Big Dicks

Angelo Marconi and Rafael Carreras are a couple of business men traveling from South America to make a business deal with Vito Gallo in New York City. And this is the latest installment from Lucas Entertainment's new DVD called Closing the Deal, so it's not going to be all business.

Unbeknownst to Gallo, on the trip up Marconi tells Carreras that the bearded hunk wants to seal the deal with a threeway romp in the office. When Carreras and Marconi put the moves on Gallo during their meeting, Gallo is caught off guard, but not deterred. And Marconi finds himself in bottom heaven when he discovers that Vito is also a top just like Carreras, so now Marconi has two big dicks to take care of -- this deal is going better than he could have ever imagined.

After swapping blowjobs on the desk, Marconi lies across it and gets his ass stuffed with both of these large cocks. He then decides he wants to push this fantasy into the stratosphere and takes both men up his ass at the same time. Marconi first squats on Gallo's hard-on with Carreras entering from behind. Then Vito and Rafael lie ass to ass on the board table and Marconi stuffs both their dicks up his ass again.

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